See if we are the right family for your precious baby.

Dearest Expectant Parent(s),

We are grateful that our letter has found its way to you. We hope that learning about us makes a difficult process a little easier. Your decision tells us that your character is that of a person capable of sincere love, compassion and selflessness. These are descriptions of you that we will forever convey to this very special child. We would love to be able to share with your baby the great qualities he/she shares with his/her biological/birth/first parents.

Our children are the light of our lives and truly make us happy. We always planned on having a large family and want very much to adopt several children. Kobi, who is almost six, is very much a BOY. He loves dressing up like his favorite superheroes and rescuing others in “distress,” but is also very cuddly and very much loves and protects his siblings. Maya, who is four, is in a world of sparkles and princesses and, more often than not, is dancing or singing. Simon, who is one, is a very happy little boy and is very eager to be able to really play with his big brother and sister! In an instant, our future child will have three welcoming siblings and two experienced, grateful parents to adore him or her.

Libby’s parents and two of her three sisters live just an eight-minute walk away from us, in the same house in which Libby grew up. Her other sister lives in New York, and so we get to travel there and to Florida every year to visit. Josh’s parents live just a short drive away in a beautiful lake house, and just recently got a boat and so we see them at least a few times a month. One of his sisters is also in town, and the other is planning to move back within driving distance with her family, which includes two young children.

Your baby will receive unconditional love from us, from Kobi, Maya and Simon, our parents and our siblings and our large extended family as well and our very close circle of friends and our community. He or she will get to travel with us both across the U.S. and also internationally, will one day go to summer camp, take lessons, play an instrument, have the opportunity to go to college and study abroad. This child will be supported in reaching for his/her dreams. We look forward to watching this child grow up and become an individual and to be able to share that with you.

If you think we may be a good fit for your hopes, we look forward to meeting you and learning more about one another.

With fond thoughts, best wishes and many thanks,

Libby & Josh

Nice outfits, huh!